Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Now that it's been almost a month...

I swear i'm going to get better at this...i swaer. HA!

Jokes on me! lol.

This past month has been full of crazyness, excitment, stress, happyness, you name it.

We found out the dates of mail cut off, and homecoming dates, and wholy smokes they are soon! Sooner then i was excpeting, but i am NOT complaning! Let's just say, less then 2 months ;)

I've got a few things that need to be done before he is allowed to come home(not really, but i would love to have them completed prior to his arival)

1- Re-paint the living room/kitchen
2-Re-paint Aubree's Room
3-Organize the shed and clear off the patio
4-Make the patio more kid friendly for the day and a little more relaxing for after bedtime for the bug-a-boo.
5-Get rid of the very few boxes left in the kitchen
6-New dishes/pots and pans
7-Lose at least 10 pounds
8-Get Chad some new clothes
9-Decorate our house a little more
10-hang those damn curtains....

My list is a little long, but hey i've got like 6 or so weeks to complete it...Wish me luck!

As for other news- I've been trying to enroll back into College. I've always wanted to get my degree, it's just hard to do with the Army lifestyle as well as the Army pay. But, i've turned in my FAFSA and I can get pell grants, so that's awesome and will help SO much. If all goes as planned, I will be able to start the end of May. If not, that's okay I will just start in the fall!

Wish me luck.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

YES, i am still alive =)

1. What is your must have gadget?

My Epic (smart phone) for sure!!! I can do anything from it, especially stay in touch with my favorite Soldier! I love that i can email, text, call, search, navigate you name it right from my hand! It's AWESOME for having a kid too, because if were bored and want to get out and do something, i can quickly search the closest kid activies! LOVE! 

2. How does your adulthood compare to what you imagined it would be like when you were a little kid?

I'm one of those girls that never had a "dream wedding" planned, or had my idea the knight in shining armor...I have always taken things as they come, and just kinda delt with it. Kinda funny now that I think about it because that's what happens when your a military wife!!

3. What is your favorite chocolate recipe?

This chocolate pie recipe i've's basically chocolate pudding, and whip cream, and it's AMAZING.

4. How do you deal with military life when it gets to be too much or too hard?

There's no one surefire way of dealing with "The Military Life". You kinda just gotta find what works for you, and your family. I lucked out and found one of my best friends at our first duty station, and even though they have moved on and are in the Reserves now, I can call her for anything. Weather i'm spazing out because he hasn't called, or i'm over reacting over something stupid, i know that she's there to set me straight. I would def say that finding that 1 friend can help alot!

5. What piece of advice would you give a new military spouse facing their first deployment?
Don't give up, deployments aren't forever.
You know that everyone say's "If you can make it through a deployment, you can make it through anything"...I happen to be a believer in that one. We have been seperated a total of 24 months due to deployment alone. (big debbie down moment.)
As many tough, horrible, lonely days as you're going to have, DON'T GIVE UP. There is an end in sight, maybe not the so close future, but there is one.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Does it ever end?

I feel like i have done 40 loads of laundry in the past 2 weeks. UGH! Mainly because we had everything in storage, and i'm a freak about that kind of stuff, so everything that was in there, got washed...even the shower curtain!

Other then that- I've been overly busy trying to get this house in working order. Everything is pretty much in it's place minus a few little things here and lost socks, a shoe, some dishes, and my room. But it'll all get done sooner or later...sooner or later!

On a brighter note, we are offically on month 8. The FRG sent out an e-mail telling us dates of when the re-deployment process was going to start, and even though I can't give any dates, let's just say it's less then 4 moths.

I know not to get my hopes up or bet on any certain dates, but it's impossible not too! Especially when they give us a re-deployment schedule! Eeekk!! I've already been planning block leave vacations! YAY!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Good ol' Hinesville, GA

Well we offically moved back to Fort Stewart GA!

My friend Kayla (aka, life saver) came down from Atlanta to help me move into the new house!!! Kayla and I successfully rented a 26 foot U-haul (which btw i should never be aloud to drive again) and packed it full in 3 hours. Yeah, thats's right!

We came back home, ordered some pizza, watched a little netflix and passed out on the floor. Yep.

Next morning, we were up by 7, had the uhaul unpacked, and returned by 9:30. Needless to say, I think that we should start a moving company. Were damn good.

All day Friday we spent putting things together, taking things apart, laundry, shopping, and beer and subway. Pretty productive if you ask me.

Saturday I attended a surprise baby shower for one of the wives down here, and we had a pretty good time! After that, my friend Bridgette came over with her son and we just hung out and ate some Chinease food! Yummy!

Sunday- We went shopping, got some much needed summer clothes for Aubree came home and continued to unpack.

Today- We spent a majority of the morning running around and taking care of a few things. Aubree also decided that she was going to throw her juice box at everyone she saw at the PX. Awesomely embarrassing. After we went to Walmart for some groceries, and she continued to be crazy there as well. She fell asleep on the way home, and took about a 3 hour nap after we got home.

Now- most of the boxes are gone, i would say there are about 5-10 left, but a lot of them are holiday decorations that i just need to get outside to the storage shed.

Other then that, im pooped. I think tomorrows adventures I may venture into Savannah again to get a bedset, and a few other goodies!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I swear, i will get better!

The whole reason behind this blog was to keep my thoughts in order, a place for me to vent, a way to keep my husband in the loop at all times, even if he can't call or get online...

Has any of these happend? no!!!!

All my friends who have blogs on here, are so good at keeping up with it...I just don't get it...

Maybe it's because by the end of the day i've got a million things running through my mind, the last thing i think of is typing them all out on here!!....Well, my friends. I am going to do better. I PROMISE!

Latley, life has been full of up's, down's, further down's and more!!! We are moving back to Gerogia TOMORROW! After a long debate, and getting things ready last minute, we are making the 1,011 mile 16 hour journey tomorrow. We will stop about 12 hours into the trip, or so I hope! We shall see how Aubree is doing with the whole trip. We bought her a portable DVD player, so I hope this helps the trip!!

I was talking with the better half this morning about all the things that we want to accomplish soon, and where we want to go...He's thinking Recruiter, or Tradoc. I am 100% supportive of either, because he will be home. He may have field time here and there if he goes Tradoc, but honestly, i'm good with it!!!

I just want my husband home, for longer then 12 months. By the end of this deployment he will have been deployed for 27 months, of our 48 months together. That's not including the field time, NTC rotations, Gunnery and all that jazz. Thinking about that, it's kind of depressing.
I just want him home, to us.

Now that we got through the depressing part, we only have 4 months left of this deployment!! The reason I'm only counting until June? We got an e-mail from FRG a few days ago, with re-deployment dates!! As we all know, those are subject (and will) to change so I won't get my hopes up, but the first few weeks of June are my best friend right now!!

Also- Chad got some news that he may get put on ADVON. No 100% word, but his platoon sergeant told him that he would do his best, considering he was one of the only other NCO's with Children!!! So, fingers crossed for a spot on that ADVON plane!!!

That is all for now, i will update later! =) TA-TA!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Through it all, we have eachother.

The past day or so have been very rough for Chad and I. Not as a married couple, or a family, but realizing the family we have.

Things were said, feelings were hurt, and lives will be effected by this for a long time to come.

I am thankful for my husband day in and day out, and espcially our daughter. I am honored to be married to a man that is willing to leave his family behind for months at a time to fight for this country. He has shown me what it is to have a family, what it's like to be truly loved and constantly give me something else to look forward to. He is so supportive of my decisions and the things I want to do with my life...I couldn't ask for a better man.

With that being said...We have come to realize that all we through whatever people put us through, we have eachother and we always will.

People have doubted our relationship from day 1 and said we would never make it. 4 years later we are going strong and no one, i mean NO ONE will get in the way of our happiness.

We don't need anyone but eachother and our daughter, everyone else in our life is just an added perk...but it looks like were clearing house latley...and honestly that is okay with me. If you can't respect me, my husband or my daughter, I would rather not have them as apart of my life.

End of rant.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bills, Bills, Bills.

I don't think that they EVER end!!

We got our tax return, so we have been paying off bills slowly but surley.
It always makes me nervous to charge that much to my bank account, even though i know it is there. Stupid I know.

But we did pay of our Star Card! YAY!!
That's 20 bucks less a month we have to spend.

In other news....It has been the worlds weirdst weather here. The weather was pretty this weekend, after last week it was snowing and icing like crazy. Then today, it snowed some more...and this weekend it's supposed to be a sunny 65. Beautiful!

I got an e-mail from the FRG leader the other day...and it was some amazing news! They already have re-deployment dates! AMAZING! Early June! I can dig it. =)

I am also so ready to get back to GA and get back into my own space, my own house, doing things the way that I want too...staying up way to late, music way to loud, and coming and going whenever I please. I am also very excited to see some of my favorite girls!

Oh- I've been hooked on Netflix here latley...I used to watch Grey's Anatomy every single Thursday. Well, i fell off the bandwagon after a while, and lost touch with it...right at season 3. So i've watched all of season 3 as a refresher, and im on season 4. I usually watch about 4 episodes a night, so it takes almost 4-5 days to watch the whole season.

Crazy i know, but the things that we do when our husbands are deployed.